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I went through http://antoniofoto.com yesterday and just wondered if youve done any search engine marketing yet. I am self employed doing that for various businesses for a number of years now, its been putting food on the table doing it, so I won’t complain.

I dont do anything differently than the large players in the industry would. If youve looked around in the past, most companies will agree it has everything to do with your number and quality of inbound links, on site content, social media involvement and PPC optimization should you use that. I do have a few tools that most people dont use or know about that I’d like to share with you.

In regards to PPC, and you dont need to in order to benefit from what it is I do, I also have a Google Certified team. Using our team has reduced PPC daily budgets for companies up to 90% on their PPC spendings while keeping the income the same and in a lot of cases increasing the profit.

Let me know if youd like more information.



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